Promoting Peace & Justice (PPJ) Dhaka

UPLAC Orientation

The UPLAC orientation ensured that Union Legal Aid Committee members such as the representatives from the Union Level government officials, local government officials, educational institutes and NGOs etc were represented affiliated by the Legal Aid Acts 2000. All the orientation was facilitated by the District Legal Aid Committee (DLAC) Dhaka and Aparajeyo-Bangladesh in collaboration with the Union Legal Aid Committee members.

Prior to the UPLAC orientation invitation letter were sent to all the Union Legal Aid Committee (UPLAC) members. The field officer of PPJ activities Dhaka Flip sheet presentations were done in Bengali. A total of 12 Union (Savar-01 Dhamrai-04, Keranigonj-04 and Nowabgonj-03) UPLAC orientations were organized in each of the working areas. A total of 261 (191 males, 65 females) persons participated in the UPLAC orientation.