Improved Institutional Responses to Children in Contact/Conflict with the Law

The project Improved Institutional Responses to the Children in Contact/ Conflict with the Law has been successfully implemented in its 3rd year 2018, in all the 8 targeted working areas of the country by Aparajeyo-Bangladesh as the Lead Agency. This has also been an effective example in promoting partnership to reach the global objective of the project with our 5 co-applicants of the project: (1) Bright Bangladesh Forum- Chittagong, (2) Jagrata Juba Shangha- Khulna, (3) Participatory Advancement Social Service - Rangpur, (4) Save The Costal People – Barisal (5) Unnayan Sangha - Jamalpur supported appropriately. Aparajeyo-Bangladesh has been implementing the project interventions directly in Dhaka, Mymensingh and Kurigram.

During the first year, 12 Child Welfare Desks at 12 Police Stations which were established and starting operational. All these CWDs have been running very effectively and with full cooperation from the Police Officers assisted by the social workers of this project. It has been observed that more Police Stations are now interested to establish CWD and seeking assistance. The members of the 12 Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) seems to be proactive and taking initiatives to accelerate diversion process or during family reunification of the children in Contact/ Conflict with the Law. The key members of CWC were present at ‘the Annual Convention’ organized by Aparajeyo-Bangladesh Head Quarter in Dhaka. The Local government high officials, people’s representatives, Police Officers and other professionals are the members in these committees.

Since the main fundamental aspect of the Children Act-2013 is the diversion through Child Welfare Desk (CWD), during the reporting period 659 children were diverted through the CWD’s, the Child welfare committee (CWC) members managed reintegrate 534 children with their families. We provided legal aid support to 423children (boys-117, girls- 306); the Dhaka and Chittagong Safe shelter homes enrolled 252 children. The total number of children receiving the IIRCCL Project support is 4,575 and during 2016 to 2018 we have already reached 3,489 children. The target number for the year 2019 will be 1086.