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Donation by Sakib Al Hasan (On 27 June at Jamuna Future Park)

MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
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MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
(On 19 June at Pubali Bank)

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Protect the Lives of Rohingya Orphaned Children in Refugee Camps, Bangladesh



Aparajeyo-Bangladesh has signed a partnership agreement on 3 April 2018 with UNICEF Bangladesh and Bridge for Life to operate 5 Child Friendly Spaces in the Rohingya Refugee Camps in Cox’s Bazar.

The overall objective is to Improve the living conditions of 1,000 Rohingya children, girls and youth in the refugee camp by restoring their basic needs and protection, creating child friendly environment and access to community and public services. The support being provided is:

Healthcare & Session: First aid support will be provided to all children attending the CFS. The staff will link the sick children with government hospitals/available services.

Psychosocial support & Counseling: Counseling, psychosocial support will be available. Staff will work with the children on painting, artwork, singing, dancing, puppetry and theatre etc. The focus is on to create informal friendship in a non-judgmental, friendly environment

Recreation and Co-curricular activities: Recreational activities will be ensured to all children who access the CFS. They will participate in music, dance, drama, drawings, sports, cultural shows, musical teams. CFS will be provided with indoor games/ sports all possible materials

Life skills and education: Life skills Training will be provided to all Children learn all components of Life skills in order to keep them in safe and protected situation. Awareness sessions will be conducted regularly on health, recreation, learning by doing, Sexual and Reproductive Health, abuse and exploitation etc. to children especially for Girls

10 young Advocates, especially experiential youth, to offer peer support to child victim’s abuse and violence. This is unique in that young people, who have been abused and faced violence will have the opportunity to be actively involved in protection that both prevent young people from violence, abuse & exploitation.




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