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Nutrition Program for The Children: Euglena Nutrition Biscuits

Aparajeyo-Bangladesh has been supporting the children and their parent to enhance their children’s nutritional status both it ensures the physical, mental, development. To this relation Aparajeyo has a potential partnership with Grameen Euglena who support our disadvantaged children of Slum based Education Center- These Biscuits contains with two flavor Orange and Milk. Both the flavors are favorite to the children. Since we are not any breakfast or lunch in these Slum Education Center. This high energy Biscuits ensures the lunch time support like mid-day snacks for all children. Children are very excited and happy when the biscuit distribution starts at their center. The parents are also very happy since may of then are unable to provide lunch time to their children. This is because most of time are working mothers, they have little time to cook at the right time at home. They are always in a rush to go to their work place.

  • Euglena Nutrition Biscuits
  • Euglena Nutrition Biscuits
  • Euglena Nutrition Biscuits
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  • Euglena Nutrition Biscuits
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Our immediate local community people are also very happy to see that the re having these biscuits at the lunch time. They are happy because the served the biscuits provided by Euglena to Aparajeyo-Bangladesh for the children are properly distributed. No misuse or mismanagement occurred as yet related to the biscuit’s distributions.

“Our children look healthy because their nutrition states are at the reasonable level. “

Board of director
Prof. Dr. Mokbul-E-Khoda

Euglena is an organization
Professor Muhammad Yunus has developed a new concept of Social Business, which is a cause driven business. In Social Business, the investor/owners can gradually recoup the money invested but cannot take any dividend.

On the basis of that idea, Mr. Yukoh Satake took an initiative to form a joint venture company which is known as Grameen euglena. Grameen euglena is a joint venture established by euglena Co., Ltd. and Grameen Krishi Foundation. euglena Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company established in 2005, aiming to solve malnutrition problems by microalgae Euglena. Euglena contains 59 different nutrients that are found in vegetables, meats, as well as fish. It can be used as a food source for the human being and also as a feed of pets and culture fish.

In 2015 Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Grameen Euglena has signed an agreement to provide Euglena Nutrition Biscuits to the disadvantaged children of Aparajeyo-Bangladesh who are enrolled in the Slum Education Center's in Dhaka. This year they are awarded by the Japanese Government for their noble contribution to improve the nutrition static of disadvantaged children of Aparajeyo-Bangladesh. Which basically hit the SDG goal 1-no poverty, 2-zero hunger specially 3-Good Health and Wellbeing. Aparajeyo-Bangladesh always desires good and loves from partnership with Grameen Euglena.

  • Meeting between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Grameen Euglena
  • Meeting between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Grameen Euglena
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  • Meeting between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Grameen Euglena
Meeting between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Grameen Euglena1 Meeting between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Grameen Euglena2 Meeting between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Grameen Euglena3 Meeting between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Grameen Euglena4

Today, 30 May 2022, the senior management team of Aparajeyo-Bangladesh met with them at Grameen Euglena's office and in this meeting Euglena Japan's senior management team virtually joined, in this meeting also discussed in detail the partnership between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Euglena.