Child Helpline “1098”

1098 1098

The incidents of child rights violation is not invisible in Bangladesh since the disadvantaged group remains vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Most cases of child rights violation remain unreported due to proper and effective communication facilities. This results into extreme physical and psychological damage to children who are in need of care and protection.

Aparajeyo-Bangladesh has acquired a toll free telephone number “1098” from the government of Bangladesh in 2010 and commenced the Child Helpline support to children. The Helpline operates by educating children about its use through outreach and awareness-raising activities. It works closely with the existing social support services, both public and private. The Social Center in Dhaka addresses protective, social, educational and recreational needs of the rescued children through the creation of a child-friendly and supportive environment. It promotes a systematic approach through community empowerment for social and behavioral change.

The Social Center is equipped with telephone lines where helpline staffs receive phone calls from the children in need round the clock. The helpline responds to a call by counselling the child or guiding the child into making a decision by him/herself. The emergency calls are addressed by the helpline members through immediate spot visit and rescue support. Children with specific need are referred to appropriate services offered by the experts Government ministries and departments, non-government organizations/NGOs and other service providers, such as law enforcing agencies and judiciary, etc.