Commonwealth 8.7 Network

Commonwealth 8.7 Network

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On the day 30th July 2020 Aparajeyo-Bangladesh celebrate Commonwealth 8.7 Network at Head Quarter and other sectors. 

This World Day Against Trafficking in Persons marks the seventh day of its kind. Human trafficking, a widespread violation of the most basic human rights, touches communities the world over. There are approximately 40.3 million people held in modern slavery,' with nearly 40% residing in the Commonwealth. The number of trafficked persons in the world is referred to as a "hidden figure", as the vast majority of trafficking in persons goes undetected. Yet, we know that trafficking in persons is one of the most common forms of modern slavery.

The Commonwealth 8.7 Network sees this day as a reminder of the urgent action needed to eradicate human trafficking in all its forms, and the exploitative systems which enable it. This day also reminds us that we have a better chance of fighting human trafficking if we come together to coordinate our response, collaborate in our actions, and support one another.

The Commonwealth 8.7 Network is a group of over 60+ local civil society organisations from across the globe who share a common vision to eradicate contemporary forms of slavery and human trafficking. Our members work on a variety of issues, ranging from child labour, to indigenous rights, to women's rights, to trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation. Our members focus on direct service delivery, research, advocacy, capacity-building, awareness raising and survivor support. Our Network is diverse but unified in its single purpose of raising a collective voice and taking action to counter the prevalence and severity of human trafficking in the Commonwealth and the world over.