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Donation by Sakib Al Hasan (On 27 June at Jamuna Future Park)

MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
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MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
(On 19 June at Pubali Bank)

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19th Founding Anniversary of Aparajeyo-Bangladesh

Community Actions for Child Protection from Violence”

My Caring Family is my First Right.

Children and Youth Congress Event- 2013

Aparajeyo’s Award giving Ceremony 2013 for Journalists.

Progress of the year


  • During the year, 73,249 children (63,336 in Dhaka and 9,913 in Chittagong) attended our outreach and centre-based programmes. Out of whom 21,484 were new enrolled children (18,736 in Dhaka and 2,748 in Chittagong).    
  • An average of 6,713 children (2,019 girls and 4,694 boys) attended our sectors everyday.
  • 38 % children who enrolled in previous years have become stable through our interventions and progressing through our sectors.
  • 36% children frequently attended our sectors and our objective is to target them and make them stable in our programme if their families cannot be traced.
  • 12 % children attended our sectors but left as they are highly mobile. They move with their peers to other cities in search of earnings and adventure.
  • 9% children (1.012 girls 2,020 boys and) were reintegrated with their families. Among these, 16 girls and 21 boys graduated from vocational training courses and are living happily with their families. Follow-up visits were made with 758 re-integrated children and they were found happy and adjusted with family life.
  • 5% children were socially integrated through employment. Out of these, 213 adolescents (14 girls and 18 boys) who had employment were successfully reintegrated into society and are living collectively in the community.
  • 31,715 children attended non-formal classes regularly and graduated to the next stages, while 9,514 or 30% children completed non-formal education. 1,336 children attended junior secondary formal education through private schools/other organizations. 6 children attended college.
  • 8,417 highly committed and devoted children were transferred to the next sequential stages of the programme for their future development.
  • All children enrolled in the sectors attended group/individual motivation sessions. Group sizes varied from an average 8 children at specific targeted sessions to 31 at more general sessions.
  • 16,924 traumatized children became highly motivated and several behavioural changes were observed in their lives through counseling sessions.
  • 7,128 children (2,139 girls and 4,989 boys) attended our in-house skills/vocational training courses on 11 trades. Out of these, 4,009 children graduated from their respective courses while 2,792 children are continuing and 1,217 dropped out. Also, 295 children (135 girls and 160 boys) graduated from AB’s computer vocational and cell phone repairing training.
  • 1,323 or 33% children were self-employed according to their skills, 1,764 or 44% children were employed in business establishments, 320 or 8% children are working as apprentices in workshops and 602 or 15% children are waiting for suitable employment.






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