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MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
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Progress of the year


01. The Social Workers rescued a total of 1,376 children (712 girls and 664 boys) aged between 6–18 years from the lockup of various police stations, government railway police, vagrant homes, correction centre, jail etc.

02. The Panel Lawyers provided legal support and represented 323 children cases (31 girls and 282 boys) in the courts.

03. 65 children (6 girls and 59 boys) were acquitted of all charges. 32 children (3 girls and 29 boys) were released through bail and continue to be represented. 15 children (14 boys and 1 girls) have absconded and don’t maintain any contact with AB.

04. 3 boys were convicted to prison sentences ranging from 2-3 years. The Lawyers have submitted an appeal for these particular cases in the High Court.

05. 21 girls and 177 boys continue to receive legal representation through the Lawyers and they attend their hearing in the court regularly.

06. All children were referred to AB’s 24-hours safe shelters. 491 children (272 girls and 219 boys) were reintegrated through ensuring family visits by the project team. Out of these, 226 children (143 girls and 83 boys) are from Dhaka district and the remaining 265 children (129 girls and 136 boys) were from other districts.

07. 12 girls and 5 boys were individually counseled. Additionally, 49 group counseling sessions were arranged where an average of 5 girls and 3 boys attended.

08. All rescued children attended non-formal education at the shelter programmes. Additional, 16 girls residing at the Girl’s Hostel have been mainstreamed into the formal education system.

09. 103 children (62 girls and 41 boys) completed their in-house skills development training courses at AB’s centres or partner organizations on Dyeing & Printing, Tailoring & Sewing, making Shopping Bag, Candle Making, Sewing and Interlocking, Beauty Parlor, Electric House Wiring, Wood Curing and Signboard & Banner Writing.

10. 43 girls were employed as Helpers in various garment factories. 19 girls and 41 boys earn through making shopping bags and candles through AB’s centre.

11. 123 lawyers and 48 NGO workers were trained on the Children’s Act 1974, the Rights of the Child under the UNCRC and Developing Successful Stratagems for Working with the Police.

12. 413 police personnel were trained on the Children’s Act 1974, the Rights of the Child under the UNCRC and duties as a police officer for dealing with poor and marginalized children.







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