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MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
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Considering the reality and sufferings of disadvantaged children in contact/conflict with the law, Aparajeyo set its objective, selected the target group and designed its programme in ways so that these children receive legal representation/aide, are released from prisons, police stations etc. and either get reintegrated with their families or continue to receive support through our safe shelter programmes and finally rehabilitated into society with socially recognized employment.

At a strategic level, senior officers from AB work closely and network with the Government of Bangladesh, UN agencies, INGO and NGOs to bring about reforms as well as child-friendly juvenile practices in Bangladesh. AB’s Senior Management represents the National Task Force on Juvenile Justice. AB’s Senior Officers represent the District Task Forces in all divisional cities and towns where we operate.

The Social Workers and Child Rights Officers include establish a working relationship with the police stations to facilitate the monitoring of CCL and negotiate the release of children from police stations. Simultaneously, the team visits and works with the authorities of the vagrant homes, correction centres and Jails to identify and make provision of legal support to children who have been charged under specific cases or to the victims. They attend court hearings of the children and visit the families of children in conflict with the law to explore family reunion opportunitiesThe Senior Legal Advisers and Lawyers Panel provide legal advice or represents children in the courts. They negotiate with the relevant authorities for the transfer of children within the judicial system to AB’s safe shelters. They also network and advocate in the courts on Juvenile Justice and Child Rights issues in order to create awareness and change in attitude of fellow lawyers and advocates. Children released are immediately referred to the 24 safe shelters operated by Aparajeyo. They have access to safety, legal representation, counseling, education, food, skills/vocational training, recreation etc. The project team contacts families and where possible arranges the reunion of children. Additionally, AB provides a programme of training for juvenile justice workers, police officers, lawyers and NGO workers to promote greater understanding of child rights and age appropriate treatment of children and facilitate greater collaboration through shared learning.







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