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Donation by Sakib Al Hasan (On 27 June at Jamuna Future Park)

MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
(On 25 JuneMercantile Bank Ltd)

MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
(On 19 June at Pubali Bank)

MOU Sigining Between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh &INCLUDED Bangladesh

19th Founding Anniversary of Aparajeyo-Bangladesh

Community Actions for Child Protection from Violence”

My Caring Family is my First Right.

Children and Youth Congress Event- 2013

Aparajeyo’s Award giving Ceremony 2013 for Journalists.


Progress of the year


01) 514 children (289 girls and 225 boys) enrolled in the project. The average daily attendance was 91 children (68 girls and 23 boys).

02) 149 children (126 girls and 23 boys) have completely given up sex work.

03) 278 children (181 girls and 97 boys) attended non-formal education at the centres. The average daily attendance of children in education classes was very satisfactory - an average of 73 children attended the non-formal education daily.

04) 13 girls and 1 boy continued with their education in formal schools (public and NGO).

05) 72 girls and 17 boys were enrolled in various skills/vocational training courses.

06) Individual counseling was provided to 92 girls and 29 boys while 133 group counseling sessions were held were an average of 8 girls and 2 boys attended each session.

07) 3 boys were referred for drug detoxification.

08) 2,131 cases were provided with first aid and other treatment. 46 children were referred to AB’s Clinic and private/government hospitals for specialized treatment. 7 children were treated for STIs while 5 girls were treated through the project for unwanted pregnancies.

09) 15 girls and 4 boys were reunified with their families.

10) 20 girls and 8 boys were provided with alternative employment as per their relevant skills. 3 girls were rehabilitated into society through alternative employment opportunities. They receive monthly salaries ranging from Tk.1,100 to 3,000.

11) 302 CVSAE living in the outreach participated in capacity building sessions to develop their awareness on child rights, child labour, life skills, commercial sexual exploitation, early marriage, HIV/AIDS, sexuality.

12) 9 girls and 5 boys represent the Joint Management Committee at the 2 shelters.

13) 22 of the most potential children were finally selected as the Peer Supporters of the project.

14) 21 small community meetings were organized where 415 people (135 females and 280 males) participated. These meetings provide the opportunity to mobilize these stakeholders to form community volunteers in both the cities.

15) 10 large meetings were organized where 547 people (446 male and 101 females) participated. The stakeholders were inducted on the project. Information was shared about violence, abuse and exploitation of disadvantaged children. Stakeholders were sensitized on child rights, with special focus on the acceptance and acknowledgement of abused/deprived children in the immediate community.

16) 6 meetings were arranged where 56 Lawyers and 49 Journalist (print and electronic media) attended. The objective was to develop collaboration with them to promote and protect the rights of socially excluded children, particularly those who are victims/at risk of violence, abuse and exploitation.

17) 8 meetings were facilitated with local government official and law enforcing agencies. 121 officials participated. The objective is to develop a strong network with government to support the project.

18) 6 meeting were facilitated with NGOs. 57 NGOs are participating in these meetings. The objective is to develop a strong network for referrals.







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