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Donation by Sakib Al Hasan (On 27 June at Jamuna Future Park)

MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
(On 25 JuneMercantile Bank Ltd)

MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
(On 19 June at Pubali Bank)

MOU Sigining Between Aparajeyo-Bangladesh &INCLUDED Bangladesh

19th Founding Anniversary of Aparajeyo-Bangladesh

Community Actions for Child Protection from Violence”

My Caring Family is my First Right.

Children and Youth Congress Event- 2013

Aparajeyo’s Award giving Ceremony 2013 for Journalists.

Why We Started


Aparajeyo is a non-government and non-profit organization that was solely founded to provide a range of services to socially excluded children in the urban settings in Bangladesh. Through its programmes and projects, AB provides a range of rights-based services to children through a holistic approach.

AB’s work with children complies with the United Nations Child Rights Convention. AB believes that childhood means much more than the space between birth and the attainment of adulthood, Childhood refers to the state and condition of a child’s life – to the quality of those years. AB recognizes that children are the holders of their own rights. And because these rights are invested in the child’s own person, the child is no longer a passive recipient of charity but an empowered actor in her/his own development. The organization emphasizes the need to respect children’s ‘evolving capacities.

All programmes are expected to create spaces and promote processes designed to enable and empower children to express their views, to be consulted and to influence decisions in all matters affecting them in accordance with their age and development.




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