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Donation by Sakib Al Hasan (On 27 June at Jamuna Future Park)

MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
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MOU for Banking of Street and Working Children's
(On 19 June at Pubali Bank)

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Children and Youth Congress Event- 2013

Aparajeyo’s Award giving Ceremony 2013 for Journalists.

Children in a Street Situation (CSS)


The life of street children in Bangladesh is full of anguish and uncertainty. Many children in our country separated or abandoned by their families often forced to choice street life and discover the world as discriminating and hostile to them. BIDS statistics report-2005 says that about .24 million of street children live in Dhaka city who lack the basic rights to food, cloth, education, treatment and protection. The CSS project of AB intends to have a positive, empowering psycho-social impact on children in a street situation (CSS) by developing CSS and community’s active participation, learning and advocacy in combating social exclusion and stigmatization.

The project intervenes through an outreach as well as centre-based approach with CSS through introducing 6 open air street schools, one Drop-in Center and two 24 hours shelter homes to ensure safe environments, food, literacy & numeracy, psychosocial support, recreation, skills/vocational training, healthcare services, legal aid, job placement/ family reunification, social integration etc for the CSS. The scope of child participation in decision making ensures transparency & accountability of the project management for the overall development. It also emphasizes on enhancing their knowledge/skills/capacity so that they can become aware of their rights, protect themselves and their peers from abuse and exploitation by influencing and involving local community people & public representatives in terms of prevention, protection and rehabilitation.

Objective of the project

To protect, empower and facilitate alternatives to the life of children in a street situation, who otherwise remain at risk of exploitation, violence and abuse.

Target group are

  • Children aged between 7 to 18 years.
  • Who work/live on the street day and night without their family.
  • Who work/live on the street with their family.
  • Who work on the street and return to other family.
  • Who work on the street and return to their family.
  1. Invisible Children.
  2. Building a protective environment for children.
  3. AB’s Response.
  4. Progress of the year.


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